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Wild Camp in Peak District with Alpkit Ordos 2 Tent

So this weekend was a weekend of firsts.

My first wild camp in the peak district, first wild camp with friends (i.e. not solo) and first wild camp with my Alpkit Ordos 2 tent which I got for my birthday way back in February.

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More Questions Answered Photos for Mac 2015


Most FAQs I’ve seen so far on the internet about Photos for Mac have been largely based around wanting to transfer all your old photos from iPhoto into the new Photos app and then decide whether or not to have them all in iCloud. What I wanted was to start fresh with a new Photos library in iCloud but still have my old iPhotos available offline on the Mac. My iPhoto library was 85GB and this would have meant upgrading my iCloud storage plan.

Also I had some questions about how iMovie worked with iCloud Photo Library and Photos for Mac.

Hopefully others will find the below answers useful.

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Misfit Flash Review – First Impressions of the Activity Tracker

This was my Christmas present for 2014 and I also bought one for my brother and sister too for their presents.

I had been watching the Misfit Flash and Misfit Shine for quite a while, I first saw the shine at the UK Gadget show last year and it struck me as a very stylish and wearable addition to the activity tracking market. So when the Misfit Flash was announced at a cheaper price for pretty much the same functionality but only slightly less stylish, I added it to my wishlist.

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Trip – Middle Ninfa Camp and Blorenge Run

A while back I bought a book called Tiny Campsites (Link Here) and whilst my focus over the summer has been wild camping, I figured that I’d give one of the sites in this book a try. Flicking the pages, I quickly established that the author clearly had a soft spot for a campsite not too far away called Middle Ninfa Farm so I looked it up on the 24k OS Maps on to see whether there was any interesting terrain around. Sure enough, the site was in fact situated about 250m up the side of a hill called Blorenge not too far from the Welsh border and only 2 hours drive from Northamptonshire. Promising good views, fresh air and somewhere more interesting than your typical camp site, I emailed the owner to book a pitch.

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iOS 8 Swype one handed iPhone typing

I think my favourite new feature of iOS 8 is the ability to install 3rd party keyboards. I’ve only tried the one keyboard but I’m so impressed with it that it’s now my default keyboard.

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iOS 8 and Apple Two Step Verification cost me £35

If you have two step verification enabled, don’t update your only two authorised devices at the same time!
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Wild Camp on Berwyn Ridge

I planned this trip last month but couldn’t go in the end, so I moved the trip to September. Yesterday the MWIS weather forecast said perfect weather, clear except for some low-level mist in the morning and chance of inversion. I’ve never experienced an inversion before, so I was determined to get high up for the night with the hope of opening my tent in the morning and looking out onto the tops of the clouds as the sun rose up in the sky.

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Rhinog Fawr Microadventure Bivvy

“…This was my first bivvy under the stars and as a result, I had decided to bring a tarp so if the weather did change, I (and my expensive down sleeping bag) at least had some shelter from the rain. As I was setting up the tarp, I noticed some lights at the other end of the lake. It’s amazing that even in this remote part of the country, you still bump into other people. They seemed equally disappointed as one head lamp shouted to the other “Bugger, someone’s already there!””…

Inspired by Alastair Humphreys

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Finally! Crib Goch in Good Weather

This is my fourth trip across Crib Goch but the first where I’ve been able to see more than 10m in front (or below) me.

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My Favourite Kindle Adventure eBooks

Here are 5 of my favourite adventure ebooks.

An Unsung Hero

Amazing life story of Tom Crean, an Irish sailor who was basically a part of every important British polar expedition at the turn of the 20th Century but was never really recognised for his amazing achievements.
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