Here are 5 of my favourite adventure ebooks.

An Unsung Hero

Amazing life story of Tom Crean, an Irish sailor who was basically a part of every important British polar expedition at the turn of the 20th Century but was never really recognised for his amazing achievements.

Shackleton: South

Shackleton’s own account of his incredible survival story, it’s a bit of a slog to read because it’s basically his diary, but incredible story and it’s free! The bit on the voyage of the James Caird is worth reading the whole ebook for.

Mad bad and dangerous to know

Can’t help but admire Sir Ranulph Fiennes, explorer and nutter extraordinaire, the chapters on his Eiger North Face climb are not for the faint hearted or vertigo susceptible.

The Long Walk

A true story of Sławomir Rawicz who was captured during the 2nd world war by the Russians, tortured into a false confession and forced to work in the Siberian gulags after being forced to hike there for 1000s of miles. They then escape, and trek across the coldest parts of the northern hemisphere, then through deserts, then through the Himalayas, then to India to freedom only to return to work for the polish army again!

Feet in the clouds

Well written book on fell running, very inspiring, makes you really want to get out into the mountains with nothing but some trainers, shorts and a t-shirt.