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Month: September 2014

iOS 8 Swype one handed iPhone typing

I think my favourite new feature of iOS 8 is the ability to install 3rd party keyboards. I’ve only tried the one keyboard but I’m so impressed with it that it’s now my default keyboard.

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iOS 8 and Apple Two Step Verification cost me £35

If you have two step verification enabled, don’t update your only two authorised devices at the same time!
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Wild Camp on Berwyn Ridge

I planned this trip last month but couldn’t go in the end, so I moved the trip to September. Yesterday the MWIS weather forecast said perfect weather, clear except for some low-level mist in the morning and chance of inversion. I’ve never experienced an inversion before, so I was determined to get high up for the night with the hope of opening my tent in the morning and looking out onto the tops of the clouds as the sun rose up in the sky.

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