I think my favourite new feature of iOS 8 is the ability to install 3rd party keyboards. I’ve only tried the one keyboard but I’m so impressed with it that it’s now my default keyboard.

It’ very easy to use, intuitive and in my opinion has a lower error rate than typing one-handed with the built-in keyboard, even with the new predictive text.

It has a few themes to choose from also.

My criticisms are that there is no UK English dictionary with the app and definitely should be. Also, it’s a universal app for iPad but it appears on the screen full size. I don’t think it’s as fast as typing two-handed and at full size the keyboard is too big to use one-handed. I think that iOS 8 Swype would do really well to come up with an iPad keyboard that could be used one-handed with the thumb, as per the iPhone and leave the default keyboard for the full screen one-handed operation.

By the way to set your default keyboard if you’ve you’ve installed a third party keyboard, go to settings, general, keyboard, talk the edit button and rearrange the order of the selected keyboards.

How to default to iOS 8 Swype keyboard in settings: